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Vicenza museum tours
The pleasure of a cultural holiday

Veneto is a territory rich with art, history and spirituality: churches, basilicas and sanctuaries distributed throughout the major towns of the region and the most ancient and traditional communities, represent a yearly destination for both the faithful, and simple tourists.

The territory of Vicenza, with its green hills, characteristic towns and medieval villages, is a small hidden treasure of art and culture, representing the ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy a peaceful, yet stimulating, cultural holiday.

Organised tours upon the discovery of Veneto art
Amongst the numerous services offered by Hotel Sirio Life of Trissino, museum tours are a common favourite each year, organised by this hotel in Vicenza in collaboration with local travel agencies.

Thanks to the hire of 60-70 seater coaches, guests who wish to deepen their knowledge about the territory’s paintings, traditions and history will be able to discover the hidden artistic monuments of Vicenza through fantastic museum tours including stopovers at some of the most renowned public and private museums, picture galleries and art galleries located all throughout the territories of:

• Vicenza
• Padua
• Verona

… and nearby towns, rich with culture and tradition.

Suggested destinations:

Villa Capra Valmarana, Vicenza, Venetia, Italy

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Museo Tibaldo

Museo Tibaldo Tour

Teatro Olimpico Vicenza

Teatro Olimpico Vicenza